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Livestock Feeding value of Mountain Bamboo (Yushania alpina)

  • We evaluate the effects of bamboo leaf supplementation on feed intake, body weight gain, and carcass yield of Arsi Bale lambs. Eight treatments were used with different levels of inclusions at 150 g (T2), 300 g (T3), and 450 g (T4) in both groups (i.e., indoor-fed vs. grazed in the eld). T1 and T5 were control treatments for indoor-fed and those grazed in the eld, respectively. A 2 x 4 factorial experiment was used with T1-T4 for indoor feeding and T5 -T8 for those grazed in the eld. Carcass evaluation was carried out for all lambs. Feed analysis and evaluation of the nutritional quality of feed samples were examined. The results showed a signi cant (P < 0.000) increase in the nutrient and dry matter (DM) intake and growth performance of lambs with increased levels of bamboo leaves supplementation. There was a signi cant (P < 0.000) increase in the average daily gain of indoor-fed lambs from 33.33 to 62.67 g/day. The feed conversion e ciency of indoor-fed lambs was within the range of 0.057 to 0.084. The results con rmed that fresh bamboo leaf supplementation had a positive effect on the growth performance and carcass yields of lambs with improved DM intake. We suggest that the inclusion of fresh bamboo leaves is crucial to improve the performance of lambs. Increased inclusion of bamboo leaf supplementation in the lambs’ diet resulted in improved body weight gain and would be a viable option to boost sheep production.

  • The above paragraph is the abstract of one of the articles of my PhD thesis. The feeding trial of lambs was conducted in Meno highland using grass cut from area exclosures, bamboo leaf and field grazing. Mountain bamboo is one of the major plants covering the forest of Meno highland. At about 10 years ago the bamboo coverage was much higher than of today's coverage. It is declining in a alarming rate, due to deforestation. The deforestation of bamboo is happening because of bamboo's multipurpose use. It is used for the construction of houses, fences, baskets, house furniture and used as livestock feed. Bamboo is evergreen and used as livestock feed in dry season, when grass becomes scares and dry. Nowadays, the deforestation is getting more intense and rapidly progressing due to human and livestock population growth.

  • Meno highland project is working against the bamboo and other forest trees deforestation by employing area exclosures project, where a plots of individual grazing lands are closed hindering the free access of humans and animals to the closed land. Area exclosures, help the bamboo population to regenerate by quick growth and multiplication. This action protects the natural environment from degradation and contributes to the sustainable use of natural resources.

  • Therefore, any person interested to support sustainable use of bamboo and environment protection is invited to take part in supporting Meno highland project financially.

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we need to hear an update about what development has happened by the general assembly of the Verein, particularly about the monthly contribution of each member, whether it is raised or will remain as it is.

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